A cloud-based app
Cloud Computing
StreetCare is entirely built on top of Windows Azure, the Microsoft Cloud platform. This cloud approach reduces time to market enormously and offers the highest level of reliability, availability and scalability.
Available on your phone
Windows Phone App
Through an Windows Phone 7 app, citizens can easily take a picture and report an issue in seconds. They can also track all the reported issues in real-time, browse comments & ratings and also receive notifications.
Fully integrated with CRM and CSP
Cloud Computing
Easily integrate StreetCare with existing internet portals and with your Line of Business Applications, including “plug-and-play” integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 or 2011, and CSP Extended Edition.
With a sleek and engaging interface
Windows Phone App
The StreetCare interface has being crafted with a strong focus in usability using Silverlight technology to deliver a highly responsive interface that engage citizens into a great user experience.
"We are delighted to see the release of StreetCare from Spenta. Building upon Microsoft’s Citizen Service Platform it brings the power of cloud computing to government service in an way which extends the reach and speed of deployment of these kind of solutions by an order of magnitude!"
Gordon McKenzie LRG & Government Industry Solutions Manager | WW Public Sector | Microsoft Corporation